Wholesale Clothing Company

Wholesale Clothing Company
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From over 10 years, the Wholesale Apparel Merchandise division of Brentano S.r.l. works in Italy and foreign country (Far East, America, Europe) proposing the best stock firm clothes of the italian market and International Market, such us Valentino, Missoni , Versace , Ferrè , Diesel etc., .


We deal with Wholesale Clothing Apparels like Men's & Women's Valentino Suits, Designer Suits, Valentino Jackets, Wholesale Designer fashion garments, Diesel Jeans Wholesale, Valentino Shirts, Missoni Shirts, Valentino Sweaters and much more. Our prefered sale products are shirts and suits for man, with a direct business with many supplying firms. The origin of the stocks: outstanding orders, unsolds, production surplus, sets of samples.

From 2001 the company started to work online with with many domains. Understanding the necessity of User Friendly Experience in Online Purchase. Italy Stocks Online - ItalyStocksOnline.com is our restructured website after reviewing the customer experience, with the target to serve better to our customers with up to date informations about available products.

our Stocks

To buy the clothes of Brentano S.r.l. works online through ItalyStocksOnline.com with all advantages, we welcome you can contact us and enquire about our stocks. Once you have been signed up you will get in touch with our commercial office that will give all informations about available articles with the possibility to proceed orders. It's also possible to meet an our businessman at the head office of Brentano S.r.l. with the special module.

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